Three Stars and A Sun at the ASOPRS 2023

The Pearl of the Orient shone brightly in the recently concluded 54th Annual Fall Scientific Symposium of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) in San Francisco, CA, USA on November 2-3, 2023.

Three Filipino Ophthalmologists seized the opportunity to showcase their research studies and surgical videos:

  1. Dr. Emmanuel Lee Boniao presented “Pediatric Orbital Fractures: Not All are Trapdoor Fractures” in the Pediatrics/Lacrimal Plenary Session and “Lower Eyelid Retraction and Acquired Epiblepharon in Pediatric TED” at the YASOPRS Eye Openers – Rapid Fire Cases and Presentations. Dr. Boniao completed his fellowship training at the National University Hospital in Singapore and is currently affiliated with Amai Pakpak Medical Center in Marawi City.
  2. Dr. Jake Uy Sebastian shared remarkable videos titled “Graded, Guided, and Guarded Apical Decompression for Dysthyroid Optic Neuropathy,” “Switching Levator Aponeurosis to Levator Function Ptosis and Poor Bell’s Phenomenon,” and “Transconjunctival Lower Lid Recession and Frost Suture for Acquired Lower Eyelid Epiblepharon and Severe Exposure Keratopathy in a patient with Fixed Hypertropia due to Severe TED” during the ASOPRS Surgical Video sessions. Dr. Sebastian underwent fellowship training at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently affiliated with Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu.
  3. Dr. Alex Gungab, the author, showcased a surgical video on “Repair of Combined Orbital Floor and Medial Wall Fractures through Inferior Transconjunctival Incision” in the ASOPRS surgical videos category. Another video, “Endoluminal Lacrimal Duct Recanalization: Step by Step,” was presented in the esteemed Master Surgeons Session. Dr. Gungab completed his fellowship training at the National University Hospital in Singapore and is affiliated with The University of Santo Tomas Hospital and Fatima University Medical Center in Metro Manila.

These three proud Pinoys are honored to represent the motherland, aspiring to inspire future Ophthalmologists and residents in training to think globally and aim for international scientific meetings.

Dr. Emmanuel Lee Boniao upstage presenting in the ASOPRS plenary sessions.
ELDR: Step by step
ASOPRS Surgeon’s Masterclass plenary session
From L-R: Dr. Emmanuel Lee Boniao, Dr. Gangadhara Sundar and Dr. Alexander Gungab (Proud NUH Singapore Orbit, Oculofacial and Lacrimal Surgery Fellowship program graduates)
Dr. Boniao’s selfie with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery newbies represent!

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