18 Jul 2023

Around the Philippines: A Perspective on the Demographics of Pinoy Ophthalmology Training

While we are fortunate that the Philippines is home to some of the best landscapes and islands in the world, the same pose geographic and economic challenges when it comes to public health, specifically

26 Nov 2022

Economic Recession: Should I Be Afraid?

Listen to Dr. Francis Lee Hok as he tackles on the looming recession and how to prepare for it. 00:00 Introduction 01:20 What is recession ? 13:01 How are we in the Philippines ? 16:06 How to manage

Dr. Vicente Victor Ocampo, Jr.
25 Apr 2022

Proust Questionnaire

1. What is your favorite virtue?
My favorite virtue is humility. It is acknowledging your talents and capabilities as gifts and blessings and using them to help others without fanfare

06 Apr 2022

Financial Acuity In Times of Crisis

Dollar Investment In gold we trust S&P 500 10 year Philippine Government Bond Cryptocurrency Importance of Insurance Raoul Paolo D. Henson Oculoplastic surgeon Lasik surgeon Entrepreneur Investor

09 Feb 2022

Bounce Back Faster: Money Tips Beyond the Pandemic

We were hit by a black swan event. This pandemic is a once in a hundred-year event. Many of us are caught off-guard and unprepared. Nobody was spared. It impacted our lives, our practice, our families

13 Nov 2021

Philippine Network of Young Ophthalmologists (PiNoY): A Silver Lining Amidst the Pandemic

The sound of a cell phone relentlessly ringing in the silence of a pandemic lockdown can be one of the most jarring in the world.