Economic Recession: Should I Be Afraid?

Listen to Dr. Francis Lee Hok as he tackles on the looming recession and how to prepare for it.

00:00 Introduction

01:20 What is recession ?

13:01 How are we in the Philippines ?

16:06 How to manage my finances at this time ?

21:08 How much dollar should I buy before the recession happens ?

26:05 What changes in my income stream / investment should I consider ?

31:00 How can we protect our liquid assets ?

34:05 Is real estate a viable investment option at this time ?

36:22 How do we find the silver lining ?

41:12 Is it wise to get a loan at this time ?

43:20 How will the recession affect our practice as a doctor and the health seeking behavior of our patients ?

47:30 Closing

John Francis Lee Hok

John Francis Lee Hok, MD, MBA is the father of two lovely daughters, Coco and Cub, who advises their friends to buy the S&P 500 monthly. Early adopter, practitioner, and lecturer of Evidence-based Investing.

Dr. Vicente Victor Ocampo, Jr.
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