Eye Fight Covid-19

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) has been actively participating in our combat against the SARSCoV-2 virus. Likewise, the CSMC – Ophthalmology Department is committed to upholding it’s values of delivering the highest quality of eye care despite the untoward conditions. During the height of the pandemic, a lot of people have been disheartened and the forced isolation has led to poor accessibility to health care. The series of unfortunate events and the uncertainty of when this circumstance will come to an end have distorted everyone’s clear vision of a promising future. Despite the ambiguity of our situation, the only vivid and most important thing to do is to accept this reality and unite to work our way through this challenging period. 

Our department has focused on pursuing our established mission and goals but in  distinctive ways adjusted to fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. First, we aim to provide  competent, compassionate and dedicated eye care professionals. Although limited data is available regarding the SARSCoV-2 virus infection, our recognized ophthalmologists continue to enhance their knowledge by attending and imparting lectures specifically regarding ensuring safety protocols and guidelines for the clinics and operative procedures.  

Second, we aim to deliver comprehensive ophthalmic services to all. This is of utmost importance especially now that we have indefinite lockdown periods. In order to address this issue, teleconsults have been instituted and were proven to provide appropriate care in innumerable cases. The hospital has also initiated scheduled bookings for face-to-face ophthalmologic consults to ensure our patients’ safety and limit exposures. The scheduling for operative procedures have also been regulated but certain privileges  (i.e. discounted RT-PCR rates for pre-operative cases) for accessible patient care were also given.

We have also continued to promote professional development among health professionals and to impart premier training and research to residents and fellows. Our department has been one of the few training institutions to continue the timeline of the residency training while still providing appropriate number of cases and lectures. Meanwhile, our trainees continue to contribute novel research relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. UV photokeratitis secondary to UV lamp exposure; Multiple Craniopathies Following SARS-COV2 Vaccine: A Post-vaccination ASIA syndrome). 

For us to win the battle against this virus, the cardinal thing to remember is to never lose hope and say “Eye Fight COVID-19”. 

Alzea Chrisel H. Alea, MD

a second year resident from the Department of Ophthalmology of Cardinal Santos Medical Center. She finished her medical degree as an academic scholar from St. Luke’s College of Medicine and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Science Majoring in Biochemistry from De La Salle University. She graduated with honors as Magna Cum Laude while receiving the best thesis award. 

When asked why she chose ophthalmology, it’s because she believes that everyone should be given a chance to see the goodness in the world.

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